2023 Santosh Trophy details: history, winners list, live score, points table, and schedule

Football Santosh Trophy 2023-2024: details, history, matches, teams, final match, score card, winner list, points table, schedule, and Live Score Today

santosh trophy
santosh trophy

Santosh Trophy

The Santosh Trophy is an esteemed football tournament held in India, named after the first President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary, also known as Sir Manmatha Nath Roy of Santosh. It serves as the national football championship of India and is highly regarded in the Indian footballing community. The tournament showcases the talents of state and regional teams, with players from various backgrounds participating in a fierce competition. The Santosh Trophy has a rich history, spanning several decades, and has played a vital role in promoting football across the country while fostering a sense of unity and sporting spirit among the diverse footballing communities of India.

India Santosh Trophy

Football, known as the beautiful game, holds a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide. In India, one tournament that embodies the nation’s passion for football and showcases the country’s talent is the Santosh Trophy.

Santosh Trophy is associated with Football tournament held in India. This prestigious competition, named after Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of Santosh, has become an integral part of India’s footballing heritage. Let’s delve into the rich history, significance, and the indomitable spirit of the Santosh Trophy.

Santosh Trophy History

The history of the Santosh Trophy, one of the oldest and most prestigious football tournaments in India, spans over eight decades. Let’s take a journey through time to explore the remarkable evolution and milestones of this beloved competition.

Inception and Early Years (1941-1954):

The Santosh Trophy was first held in 1941, conceived as an annual football championship for the regional teams of the then British India. The tournament was named after Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of Santosh, who donated the trophy. The inaugural edition took place in Kolkata (then Calcutta) and featured three teams: Bengal, Maharashtra, and Hyderabad. Bengal emerged as the first champions, beginning their domination in the tournament’s early years.

Expansion and Post-Independence Era (1955-1970):

With India gaining independence in 1947, the Santosh Trophy expanded to include teams representing different states and territories across the country. The tournament’s popularity grew, drawing larger crowds and greater media attention. Bengal continued to dominate the competition, winning numerous titles during this period.

Goa’s Emergence (1971-1980):

The 1970s marked a significant turning point in the history of the Santosh Trophy, as Goa emerged as a football powerhouse. Led by their star players and the influence of the Portuguese football culture, Goa clinched several titles and dethroned Bengal’s dominance. The rivalry between Bengal and Goa became a highlight of the tournament, captivating fans with their intense battles on the field.

Kerala’s Rise and the Golden Era (1981-2000):

The 1980s and 1990s witnessed the rise of Kerala football, with the state establishing its dominance in the Santosh Trophy. Led by talented players like IM Vijayan and VP Sathyan, Kerala claimed multiple championships and solidified their position as one of the strongest teams in Indian football. This era is often referred to as the “Golden Era” of the Santosh Trophy, as the competition reached new heights in terms of quality and popularity.

Shift in Format and Modern Era (2001-Present):

In the early 2000s, the Santosh Trophy underwent a format change to include zonal qualifiers. The tournament divided the country into different zones, with teams competing in their respective zones to secure a spot in the final round. This format change aimed to provide more opportunities for states and regions across India to participate and showcase their talent.

The modern era of the Santosh Trophy has seen a diverse range of teams emerging as champions, with states like Punjab, West Bengal, Mizoram, and Services lifting the coveted trophy. The tournament continues to be a significant platform for young footballers to showcase their skills and catch the attention of scouts and selectors for national team call-ups.

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10 facts on Hero Santosh Trophy

  1. The Hero Santosh Trophy is named after Indian football legend Syed Abdul Rahim, who was popularly known as “Rahim Sahab.” He played a significant role in the development of football in India and served as the coach of the Indian national team during its successful period in the 1950s and 1960s.
  2. The tournament was first held in 1941 and is considered one of the oldest football competitions in India. It was originally known as the “Santosh Football Tournament” and was later renamed the “Santosh Trophy” in honor of Syed Abdul Rahim.
  3. The Santosh Trophy is a national-level football championship in India that features teams representing different states and union territories. It aims to showcase regional football talent and foster healthy competition among the states.
  4. West Bengal has been the most successful team in the history of the Santosh Trophy, winning the tournament a record 32 times. They have dominated the competition with their rich footballing heritage and talented players.
  5. Goa is the second most successful team in the tournament, having won the Santosh Trophy on multiple occasions. Goan football has a strong Portuguese influence, which has contributed to their success in both the Santosh Trophy and the domestic league.
  6. Kerala and Punjab are two other states that have consistently performed well in the Santosh Trophy, having won the tournament multiple times. Both states have a strong footballing culture and have produced several talented players over the years.
  7. The format of the Santosh Trophy has evolved over time. Currently, the tournament consists of zonal qualifiers, where teams from different zones compete to secure a place in the final round. The winners of the zonal qualifiers face off in the knockout stages to determine the ultimate champion.
  8. The Santosh Trophy has played a crucial role in nurturing and showcasing football talent in India. Several players who have represented the Indian national team have emerged from the tournament, using it as a platform to gain recognition and exposure.
  9. The tournament has witnessed fierce rivalries between teams representing different states. Matches between traditional powerhouses like West Bengal, Goa, and Kerala have produced intense contests and captured the attention of football fans across the country.
  10. The Santosh Trophy continues to be an important event in the Indian football calendar, fostering a sense of regional pride and promoting the growth of the sport in the country. It remains a platform for young footballers to prove their skills and aspire to represent the national team in the future.

Santosh Trophy winners list

YearWinnerRunner Up
1941-42West Bengal (Bengal)Delhi
1944-45DelhiWest Bengal (Bengal)
1945-46West Bengal (Bengal)Maharashtra (Bombay)
1946-47Karnataka (Mysore)West Bengal (Bengal)
1947-48West Bengal (Bengal)Maharashtra (Bombay)
1949-50West Bengal (Bengal)Hyderabad
1950-51West Bengal (Bengal)Hyderabad
1951-52West Bengal (Bengal)Maharashtra (Bombay)
1952-53Karnataka (Mysore)West Bengal (Bengal)
1953-54West Bengal (Bengal)Karnataka (Mysore)
1954-55Maharashtra (Bombay)Services
1955-56West Bengal (Bengal)Karnataka (Mysore)
1956-57HyderabadMaharashtra (Bombay)
1957-58HyderabadMaharashtra (Bombay)
1958-59West Bengal (Bengal)Services
1959-60West Bengal (Bengal)Maharashtra (Bombay)
1960-61ServicesWest Bengal (Bengal)
1961-62RailwaysMaharashtra (Bombay)
1962-63West Bengal (Bengal)Karnataka (Mysore)
1963-64MaharashtraAndhra Pradesh
1964-65RailwaysWest Bengal (Bengal)
1965-66Andhra PradeshWest Bengal (Bengal)
1967-68Karnataka (Mysore)West Bengal (Bengal)
1968-69Karnataka (Mysore)West Bengal (Bengal)
1969-70West Bengal (Bengal)Services
1970-71PunjabKarnataka (Mysore)
1971-72West Bengal (Bengal)Railways
1972-73West Bengal (Bengal)Tamil Nadu
1974-75PunjabWest Bengal (Bengal)
1975-76West Bengal (Bengal)Karnataka
1976-77West Bengal (Bengal)Maharashtra
1977-78West Bengal (Bengal)Punjab
1978-79West Bengal (Bengal)Goa
1979-80West Bengal (Bengal)Punjab
1981-82West Bengal (Bengal)Railways
1982-83West Bengal (Bengal) and GoaNA
1985-86PunjabWest Bengal (Bengal)
1986-87West Bengal (Bengal)Railways
1988-89West Bengal (Bengal)Kerala
1993-94West Bengal (Bengal)Kerala
1994-95West Bengal (Bengal)Punjab
1995-96West Bengal (Bengal)Goa
1996-97West Bengal (Bengal)Goa
1997-98West Bengal (Bengal)Goa
1998-99West Bengal (Bengal)Goa
2006-07PunjabWest Bengal
2008-09GoaWest Bengal
2009-10West BengalPunjab
2010-11West BengalManipur
2011-12ServicesTamil Nadu
2016-17West BengalGoa
2017-18KeralaWest Bengal
2021-22KeralaWest Bengal
complete Santosh Trophy winners list 1941-2023

Santosh Trophy 2023

Santosh Trophy 2022-2023 was the last edition (76th Session) that was held from 23rd December to 31st December 2022 (For the Final Round) and 1st March to 4th March 2023 (for Knock out matches). The Santosh Trophy 2023 venue was India for all final round matches and for knock-out matches the venue of the Santosh Trophy was Saudi Arabia.

Santosh Trophy 2023 Highlights

Santosh Trophy 2022-23Highlights
Santosh Trophy Season76th Season
Dates23 December 2022 – 4th March 2023
AdministratorAll India Football Federation (AIFF)
HostIndia (All Final Matches)
Saudi Arabia (Knock out matches)
Total Teams Participates36
Total Number of Matches120
Best PlayerRobin Yadav (Karnataka)
Best Goal KeeperRajat Paul Lyngdoh (meghalaya)
Santosh Football Trophy 2023

Santosh Trophy 2022-23 Final

In the final round, the 12 teams were divided into two groups of six teams each.

Group A: Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Goa
Group B: West Bengal, Delhi, Services, Railways, Manipur, Meghalaya

The teams in each group faced each other in a single-legged round-robin format. The top two teams from each group – Punjab and Karnataka from Group A and Services and Meghalaya from Group B – made the knockout rounds, consisting of the semi-finals and the final.

Santosh Trophy 2022-23 Result

The Final Result of the Santosh Football tournament trophy was held on 4th March 2023 at King Fahd Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Karnataka was the winner and the runner-up was the Meghalaya team. The details of the result of the Santosh Trophy 2022-2023 was mentioned below:

Santosh Trophy 2022-23 Point Table

Group A points table
PositionTeamMatches playedWonDrawLostPointsGFGAGD
Group B points table
PositionTeamMatches playedWonDrawLostPointsGFGAGD
6West Bengal50141511-6

First two team from each group qualify for the semi-finals
GF – Goals, GA – Goals Against, GD – Goal Difference

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 schedule is coming soon, keep visiting our site for new updates.

FAQs – Santosh Trophy

Q: What is the Santosh Trophy?

A: The Santosh Trophy is an annual national football tournament in India. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious football competitions in the country. The tournament features teams representing different states and regions of India, competing against each other to win the championship.

Q: When was the Santosh Trophy first held?

A: The Santosh Trophy was first held in 1941. It was named after Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of Santosh, who donated the trophy for the tournament.

Q: Which teams participate in the Santosh Trophy?

A: The tournament features teams representing different states and union territories of India. Each state or union territory forms its team through a selection process that usually involves regional tournaments and trials.

Q: Which team has won the most Santosh Trophy titles?

A: West Bengal has been the most successful team in the history of the Santosh Trophy, having won the tournament multiple times. They have consistently been a dominant force in Indian football.

Q: Does the Santosh Trophy have any age restrictions?

A: The Santosh Trophy is an open-age tournament, meaning there are no specific age restrictions for players. However, teams often consist of players who are in their twenties or thirties and are considered to be among the best in their respective states or regions.

Q: Are there any cash prizes or rewards for the winners of the Santosh Trophy?

A: Yes, the winning team of the Santosh Trophy receives a cash prize along with the prestigious trophy. The exact amount of the prize money may vary from year to year, and it is determined by the organizing committee and the AIFF.

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