ICC Champions Trophy: details, facts, winners list, live score, points table, and schedule

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: details, history, matches, teams, final match, score card, winner list, points table, schedule, and Live Score Today

ICC Champions trophy
ICC Champions trophy

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy was an international cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It featured the top eight cricketing nations competing for the prestigious title. The tournament was held every four years and served as a major event in the cricketing calendar. Teams participated in a round-robin format, followed by knockout stages to determine the ultimate champion. The ICC Champions Trophy showcased intense rivalries, thrilling matches, and exceptional performances by players. Although the tournament was discontinued after 2017, it left a lasting legacy as one of the most fiercely contested and celebrated competitions in the world of cricket.

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Importance of champions trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is a prestigious international cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). While the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was last and is currently not scheduled to be held again, I can provide information on its historical importance and significance in the cricketing world.

  1. Global Tournament: The ICC Champions Trophy brought together the top-ranked cricket teams from around the world, making it a truly global competition. It provided an opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and compete against the best of the best.
  2. High-Stakes Competition: The Champions Trophy featured intense matches played in a limited-overs format, usually spanning over a few weeks. This created an environment of high-stakes cricket where teams had to perform consistently well to progress in the tournament.
  3. Prestige and Legacy: Winning the ICC Champions Trophy held significant prestige in the cricketing world. It allowed teams to add another major trophy to their collection and be recognized as champions on the international stage. The tournament’s legacy can be seen in the list of winners, which includes renowned cricketing nations.
  4. Preparation for World Cups: The Champions Trophy often served as a crucial preparation event for teams ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup. It provided an opportunity for teams to fine-tune their strategies, test their combinations, and gauge their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Exciting and Competitive Cricket: The tournament witnessed high-quality cricket matches, featuring intense rivalries and close contests. Fans enjoyed watching the best players in the world competing at a high level, often leading to thrilling encounters and memorable performances.
  6. Promoting Cricket: The ICC Champions Trophy played a role in promoting the sport of cricket globally. It helped generate interest and excitement among fans, attracting a significant viewership across different countries. The tournament contributed to the growth and popularity of cricket, particularly in regions where the sport was still developing.

While the icc champions trophy 2025 may be held in the foreseeable future, it remains a significant event in the history of international cricket, having provided numerous memorable moments and contributed to the growth and promotion of the sport.

10 important facts about the ICC Cricket Champions trophy

Certainly! Here are some important facts about the ICC Champions Trophy:

  1. Inception: The ICC Champions Trophy was first held in 1998 as the ICC KnockOut Trophy. It was later renamed the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002.
  2. Tournament Format: The Champions Trophy featured a limited-overs format, with matches played as One Day Internationals (ODIs). Initially, it followed a knockout format, but from 2002 onwards, it adopted a group stage followed by a knockout format.
  3. Participating Teams: The tournament included the top-ranked cricket teams in the world. Initially, 9 teams participated, but from 2002 onwards, it was reduced to 8 teams. The teams were selected based on their ICC ODI rankings at the time.
  4. Hosting Countries: The ICC Champions Trophy was hosted by various cricketing nations. The tournament was held in Bangladesh (1998), Kenya (2000), Sri Lanka (2002), England (2004 and 2017), India (2006), South Africa (2009), and England and Wales (2013).
  5. Rain-Affected Matches: The tournament witnessed several matches affected by rain, leading to matches being abandoned or shortened. In 2002, the final between India and Sri Lanka was declared a tie due to rain, and both teams were declared joint winners.
  6. Australia’s Dominance: Australia had great success in the Champions Trophy, winning the tournament twice (2006 and 2009) and reaching the final on two other occasions (2004 and 2013).
  7. Pakistan’s Triumphs: Pakistan holds the record for the most recent Champions Trophy victory, winning the tournament in 2017. They also reached the final in 2004, finishing as runners-up.
  8. India’s Success: India has been successful in the Champions Trophy, winning the tournament twice (2002 and 2013) and reaching the final in 2017.
  9. Discontinuation: After the 2017 edition, the ICC announced that the Champions Trophy would be discontinued and replaced by the ICC World Test Championship, a tournament dedicated to Test cricket.
  10. Memorable Performances: The Champions Trophy has witnessed many memorable performances, including exceptional innings, bowling spells, and team efforts. Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Shoaib Malik, and Virat Kohli have produced outstanding performances in the tournament.

These facts highlight the significance and impact of the ICC Champions Trophy on the cricketing world, showcasing the achievements of various teams and players in this prestigious tournament.

ICC champions trophy all winners list

All ICC Champions Trophy winners list and host nation name. We also offer the country to host the Champions Trophy next edition.

Host   Team ↓1998 Bangladesh2000 Kenya2002 Sri Lanka2004 England2006 India2009 South Africa2013 England & Wales2017 England & Wales2025 Pakistan2029 India
Bangladesh 9th11th11th9th  4th  
India3rd2nd1st7th5th5th1st2nd Q
Kenya 10th10th10th      
Netherlands  12th       
New Zealand7th1st8th5th3rd2nd5th8th  
South Africa1st4th3rd6th4th7th4th5th  
Sri Lanka4th6th1st8th6th6th3rd6th  
United States   12th      
West Indies2nd11th7th1st2nd8th6th   
icc champions trophy winners list

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 highlights

2017 ICC champions TrophyHighlights
Santosh Trophy Season8th Season
Dates1st June 2017 – 18th June 2017
AdministratorInternational Cricket Council (ICC)
HostEngland & Wales
2025 edition host byPakistan
Total Teams Participates8
Total Number of Matches15
Highest runShekhar Dhawan (India)
Highest wicketHasan Ali (Pakistan)
Man of the matchFakhar Zaman (Pakistan)
Man of the seriesHasan Ali (Pakistan)
icc champions trophy 2017 final highlights

ICC champions trophy 2025 schedule | 2025 ICC Champions trophy

In November 2021, the ICC announced that the next Champions Trophy would be held in Pakistan in 2025. This will be the first global tournament that Pakistan will host since the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan national cricket team.
The Champions Trophy will be played from 21 October to 14 November 2025 in Pakistan. A total of 15 matches will be played including 12 group games, 2 semi-finals, and the final in Lahore on June 14.

FAQs – ICC Cricket Champions trophy

What is the ICC Champions Trophy?

The ICC Champions Trophy is an international cricket tournament organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It features the top-ranked cricket teams from around the world competing in a limited-overs format.

Which teams participate in the ICC Champions Trophy?

The tournament features the top-ranked cricket teams, typically eight in number. The participating teams are determined based on their ICC ODI rankings at the time.

What is the prize for winning the ICC Champions Trophy?

The winning team of the ICC Champions Trophy receives the trophy and is recognized as the champions of the tournament. In addition to the title, the winning team often receives prize money and recognition for their achievement.

Who are some of the past winners of the ICC Champions Trophy?

Past winners of the ICC Champions Trophy include teams like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, and India and the last tournament was won by Pakistan.

Where will the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 be held?

However, as part of the 2021 Future Tour Programme, the event was reinstated for the 2025 cycle onwards. In November 2021, the ICC confirmed the tournament take place in Pakistan in 2025. It is expected to be played in February and March 2025.

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